Statement of Darul Uloom Azaadville Regarding Television


In this age of technological advancement, especially in the field of media and communication, the Ummah is facing great challenges. Whilst one cannot deny some of the benefits, the open and evident harms cannot be disregarded, particularly with regard to the television and its harmful effects.

The harms of television for Muslims are crystal clear as it erodes the lustre of Imaan, retards their spiritual progress, ravages their morality and modesty and corrupts their hearts, minds and souls.

It is due to this corruptive influence of television that the pious elders and Ulama-e-Kiraam of the Ummah have repeatedly highlighted its harms and declared it impermissible and unlawful.
Hence, the Darul Uloom regards the viewing of television as extremely detrimental and harmful for a Muslim’s Imaan and Islam, though it be Islamic content. We are totally opposed to the idea of using the medium of television to propagate and disseminate Islam due to the glaring harms and repercussions, some of which are:

  • Television is mainly a medium of entertainment. Thus, using it as a medium to disseminate a ‘serious’ issue such as religion cannot be effective. It will be taken in the light of entertainment.
  • As Islam is haq (truth), the method of propagating and disseminating Islam should also be haq (in line with the tenets of Islam).
  • Utilizing baatil (un-Islamic) methods to propagate Islam is bereft of goodness and divine guidance. Rather it promotes baatil (falsehood) itself.
  • Viewing of even Islamic content on television prevents a person from being engaged in direct acts of Ibadah (devotion) such as Salah, Recitation of the Quraan Majeed and remembrance of Allah Ta’aala
  • Television promotes picture-making and photography which is against the very grain of Islam.
  • Ultimately the viewer due to the dictates of his carnal self and delusion of Shaytan, may end up watching such content which could destroy his Imaan and moral fibre.

Khalid Baig very aptly states: “The simple fact is that no one buys a TV because they desperately wanted to learn about Islam and it was the best way of doing it. The TV lounge is not a study room and all the Islamic videos in the world are not going to make it one. It is a piece of Hollywood. The rest is camouflage or self-deception. The earlier we get out of it, the better.”

The great luminary and Allamah, Hadrat Maulana Yusuf Binnori Sahib ˛ said: “If we do not adopt this stance which has been explained, then today, for the sake of the people, we will be using films to propagate Deen, tomorrow women without pardah/hijaab will be used for spreading Deen, and we will try to bring people onto Deen through gatherings of music and dancing…and in this way, in the name of propagating Deen, we will be trampling upon and destroying the laws of Shariah, one by one.” [Adapted from Ulama-e-deoband kê aakhree lamahaat pg.170/171]

Hence, we urge the Ummah to acquire their knowledge of Islam through the authentic and traditional mediums such as the programmes conducted by the Ulama from the Masajid, Madaaris, Majaalis and the programmes of the Tabligh Jamaat, etc. We also appeal to the Ummah to ensure that their children receive a sound Islamic education and grounding at the primary Madrasahs.

Imam Malik’s statement is very apt for our times when he stated: “The latter part of this Ummah will not be reformed except in the way the former part of this Ummah was reformed.”

May Allah Ta’aala guide us on the straight path and grant us the true and correct understanding of Deen.

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