3 Written Divorces

07 Jul 2018 Ref-No#: 808

I want to know about three times divorce written on stamp paper but i didn’t read these words properly or not speaks full line but behind the pressure of my family i was sign on the paper but now after 4 days i am fully realized that is not a good thing and my wife and i self need to recover this relation because i am mentally doing this thing and my heart have not accept to do this .my question is this type of thing could be one talaaq consider or three completely ?Can we Ruju ?


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

From your question, it is not clear how much pressure and to what level did your family impose upon you to issue the divorce.  Likewise, was your wife present when you wrote the divorce, or was she not in your presence at that time?

If a person is forced to divorce his wife to such an extent that if he did not give the divorce he would get a severe beating, or he would be imprisoned, then by writing the divorce, no divorce will fall and the Nikah will still be intact. The divorce will only fall if, under duress, the husband verbally utters the words of divorce.

Secondly, if your wife was present when you signed the document of divorce, then too the divorces will not fall

However, if you signed the document of divorce in the absence of your wife, then all three divorces will fall.


وفي «فتاوى أهل سمرقند»: إذا أكره الرجل بالحبس والضرب على أن يكتب طلاق امرأته فكتب فلانة بنت فلان طالق لا تطلق لأن الكتاب من الغائب جعل بمنزلة الخطاب من الحاضر باعتبار الحاجة، ولا حاجة ههنا حيث احتيج إلى الضرب والله أعلم. (المحيط البرهاني (3/ 528)

وفي البحر أن المراد الإكراه على التلفظ بالطلاق ، فلو أكره على أن يكتب طلاق امرأته فكتب لا تطلق لأن الكتابة أقيمت مقام العبارة باعتبار الحاجة ولا حاجة هنا ، كذا في الخانية (رد المحتار – (4/440)

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